RV Electrical System Inspection
  • 12 volt
  • Hotskin test
  • All lights
  • Monitor panel
  • 110-Volt system priority
  • Converter operation and output
  • Shore cord and circuit breakers
  • Generator operation and output (if applicable)

138 Point RV Inspection
Includes comprehensive inspection points in these areas on travel trailers.
  • Check all electrical outlets
  • Check inverters and converters
  • Check generator systems (if applicable)
  • Check plumbing for leaks and proper operation
  • Check LP systems
  • Check all appliances
  • Call for pricing on 5th wheels and motor homes

RV Wheel Bearing Packs
  • Single Axle
  • Double Axle
  • Triple Axle
  • Bearing Packs Include
  • Inspect brake shoes, bearings and magnets
  • Clean & repack wheel bearings
  • Adjust break linings as needed
  • Verify the operation of the electric break magnets &
break-away switch
  • Seals, magnets, and other materials are extra, prices vary by axle size

Lap Joint Roof Maintenance and RV Wash
Manufacturers recommend this service annually
  • Clean rubber roof with specially designed cleaning agents
  • Apply UV-Blocking treatment to protect rubber membrane
  • Wash Exterior of Unit
  • Roof Inspection
  • Lap Joint Reseal

Water Heater Inspection
For operation safety and fuel efficiency
  • Check condition of Anode Rod
  • Check relief valve
  • Adjust burners and electrodes
  • Check thermocouple
  • Check module boards
  • Check complete operation
  • Check burner assembly, remove nests, bugs, webs, etc.

Oven/Range Inspection
  • Check for proper LP pressure & adjust as needed
  • Check for accumulation of dirt, grease, dust or spider webs
  • Light each range burner one at a time, check for variable flame
while rotating the valve
  • Test oven temperature: adjust as necessary to +/-25 of set point

Refrigerator Inspection
  • Verify unit is air tight in compartment
  • Check Refrigerator ventilation (roof and sidewall)
  • Clean and adjust burner and orifice
  • Inspect and test all door seals
  • Check LP Pressure and proper voltage
  • Clean roof vent and check baffle

Water System Inspection
  • Water heater
  • Water pump operation
  • Check all faucets
  • Check holding tanks
  • Check fresh water fill
  • Complete water line pressure test
  • Check all gate valves

LP Inspection
  • Inspect regulators and LP tanks
  • Complete a drop down pressure test
  • Complete a line pressure test
  • Check all LP detectors

RV Orientation
  • Orientates the customer with
  • Exterior Components
  • Interior Components
  • Dashboard Leveling Systems

A/C Inspection
  • Check air temperature drop across the evaporator coil
  • Check compressor voltage
  • Check compressor amperage
  • Remove and clean A/C Filter
  • Examine Shroud for cracks and damage
  • Clean and unclog A/C roof drains

Deluxe Winterization
  • Drain fresh water tank and water heater
  • Blow out water lines with compressed air
  • Open toilet valve allow air to force out any water
  • Fill P-Traps with anti-freeze
  • Pump anti-freeze through fresh water lines
with water heater bypass already installed
  • includes up to 2 gallons of anti-freeze
  • Freeze warranty with dewinterization @ $149-$229

Deluxe Winterization/Storage Package
  • Deluxe winterization
  • 4 months RV storage included

Generator Oil Change
Manufacturers recommend this service every
75 operating hours or 12 months
  • Change oil and filter
  • Service does not include required oil and filter.
  • If needed, generator removal & any additional parts
will be an extra charge

Gas Generator Inspection
  • Clean & Check Battery & Connections
  • Visual Inspection of Exhaust System
  • Clean Spark Arrester
  • Verify CO Detector & Operation
  • Check Air Filter – Replace as Necessary
  • Change Oil & Filter
  • Check Fuel Filter/Replace as necessary
  • Perform Load Test

Furnace Inspection
For operation safety & fuel efficiency
  • Clean main burner orifice
  • Clean/Inspect/Adjust electrode assembly
  • Clean blower wheel
  • Test module board/inspect & clean board contacts
  • Clean & inspect combustion chamber
  • Inspect fan motor
  • Clean & inspect vent tubes and outer casing
  • Reassemble furnace using new gaskets

Motorhome Windshield Installation
  • We now install motorhome windshields
  • Call for pricing

We are full service RV dealership.  We do much more
than what we have listed here.  Please call for pricing for
any additional repairs.

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